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See how we helped an up-and-coming basketball hoop manufacturer become one of the leaders in their industry.

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Dominator Hoop E-Store Case Study

A multi-faceted approach to selling products in competitive online marketplaces

The Problem

The Dominator Hoop founders had some of the most amazing engineering we've ever seen in a basketball hoop. There was only one problem. They had no way of showcasing it to people looking for hoops online. 

They needed a website with a clear and concise way to present their value proposition and then prompt a purchasing action. 

Give the customer a very simple and attractive path to purchase the hoop on any device.

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2. Clear And Effective Path To Purchase

It didn't hurt that the the founders of the Dominator Hoop were professional and college football players. When they asked some of their friends to hang on their rim, we had a field day with it on social media. 

Social Media Marketing

We built a cohesive Paid Search Campaign in order to have the Dominator Hoop come up in the Google shopping feed as well as for other relevant search terms. 

Paid Search Marketing

Part of selling the product was giving the customer confidence in the installation process.

Effective Training On The Product

Competitor Compare and Contrast

We show how easy it is to set up and then demonstrate the superiority of the product in online marketing campaigns.

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