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See how we helped a 40 million dollar home services company dominate the entire Southern California region. 

RighTime Home Services Case Study

RighTime Home Services is one of the nation’s largest home services companies with nearly $40 million in revenue and providing coverage for millions of homes in Southern California. What sets the company apart in both service and in the challenge for its marketing team is that it offers customers with three separate service categories simultaneously: HVAC, electrical, & plumbing.


Unparalleled transparency & digital marketing support to one of the nation’s largest home services companies.

RighTime had already entrenched itself as a leading provider within the region, but had contracted multiple web consultants to manage their website and search marketing campaigns. The consultants had siloed each campaign, office location, service, and marketing medium, creating a disconnected brand and poor user experience. In addition, RighTime was interested in increasing call volume, but the cost per lead had become inefficient and unscalable.

We quickly made the decision to create consistency within the brand’s digital presence. We immediately recognized the opportunity to consolidate the brand’s multiple websites into one domain which would immediately create a cohesive online brand, boost the company’s search engine optimization, and drive the domain up on SERP’s. It also gave us the opportunity to re-design the website and upgrade the UXI to allow customers to easily find which RighTime location serviced their residence.

The Strategy

In the next step, we worked to begin building the company’s online & search presence. In addition to launching a new, responsive website design, we consolidated, optimized, and branded all social media profiles for the company to immediately engage current customers and instill confidence to future customers. 

Optimized Online Presence

"Hands down the VERY BEST internet marketing service specialists out there! I have worked hand in hand with Lemonade Stand for our organization, RighTime Home Services, for over a year now and let me just say, we have been more than pleased with the level of results they have achieved for us! We have tried other companies but none have compared to the level of service we have received.

Lemonade Stand has increased our traffic multiple times over, moved our SEM & SEO campaigns in top spots, and even produced graphics and videos promoting our services. These guys are so great we don't consider them a vendor anymore but an extension of our company. They treat our business as if it's their very own and because of their high level of urgency and attention to detail we recommend them to everyone! When doing business with Lemonade Stand you cant lose!"

Media Production

- Melissa Cisneros, RighTime Home Services

We then then shot, edited, and produced image films for the company to help build customer loyalty and company reputation. These image films proved to be so successful that they would be used in multiple ways including PPC landing pages, social promotions, and even TV commercials.

When we took over the Paid Search Campaigns...

We gave Rightime Home Services something that they had not been accustomed to with previous vendors. Transparency.

When tasked with taking over the management of RighTime’s PPC campaigns, we set out to drive a higher volume of traffic while optimizing cost per lead. We did this while being fully transparent on what was being spent, how it was being spent, and why it was being spent. RighTime's previous PPC Management hid their fee & ad spend within a nebulous "budget" & complicated jargon.

More Traffic,

Lower Cost Per Lead

The Payoff

PPC cost per lead reduced by 70%!

The re-designed and newly responsive website increased user satisfaction significantly, evident by the 5% drop in bounce rate and an increase of 49 seconds in average time spent on the site.

One of the image films was edited & formatted for television use and broadcasted in 15 & 30 second commercial spots.

The main landing page for the company saw a 1,707% increase in website traffic from May 2014 to June 2014.

Average monthly online-generated call volume increased 1,489%.

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