Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not dead. In fact, it’s more alive than it ever has been. 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most dynamic and complicated internet marketing strategies to master and implement. But we make it simple for you with our team of content experts and SEO strategists.

Our SEO Strategy


We analyze your entire website. From the code structure, to server hosting speed, to backlink profiles, to the quality of the content itself.


We analyze your competitors to identify what it will take to outrank them on the most valuable keywords.


We work with you to determine your business goals. What keywords do you want to rank for? What do your potential customers type into Google? How can we best serve those customers and help you build trust with them.


We begin to structure content on page to match business goals and keyword strategies.


We optimize the code and metadata to be easily crawlable by Google.


We build and improve the content on the page to increase the amount of time a person spend on your website and landing pages.


We build additional content for informational and internal linking purposes.


We utilize our vast network of bloggers to build relevant in-context backlinks and increase page and domain authority.


We use social media to drive more page views and “social signals” to the webpage you’re trying to rank high.


We monitor, report, measure, and adapt to the competition each month.

We Do SEO Right From The Beginning

When we perform our search engine optimization process on a website, we focus on answering our client’s ultimate question: “Will this positively affect my business and online presence?” Because, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters, right?

Many SEO firms try to prove their worth by giving customers a spreadsheet of all the useless keywords they rank for. Others opt for quick results with black-hat techniques that will hurt clients’ long-term online presence. Not Lemonade Stand.

Our Search Engine Optimization experts devise the best way to build an online presence and add worth to your website in ways that boost your rankings and improve user experience.

We audit each site with a 200+ point checklist that gets to the root of your problem. Instead of trying to “trick Google” by jamming 300 meaningless keywords into your site, we focus on important things like page speed, link building, site architecture, social signals and maps and directory optimization.

Once we’ve analyzed your website, we put together an actionable plan to help build your online presence and increase your rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We then track and analyze your campaign’s performance and provide weekly, monthly, and/or on-demand reporting to help you measure your rankings, site performance and more.

Let Us Build, Then Help You Bless.

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