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centrexIT is one of Southern California’s leading managed service providers and IT support companies. Before working with the Lemonade Stand team, they generated all of their leads through word of mouth and networking events. They took a stab at building an outbound cold calling with dismal results. Cold calling can impact a company’s reputation and bring in leads that need to be convinced. Centrex desperately wanted to experience the joys of inbound leads who are in pain and looking for an immediate solution. They had a nice looking website that didn’t convert well. So we rebuilt their website, and began to implement our proven internet marketing strategy for MSPs, VARs, and IT Consultants. The services we provided Centrex included:

We Needed A Site That Converts

centrexIT had just paid to have their website rebuilt. Unfortunately, that site was not converting visitors into leads. We ran PPC campaigns and determined that the site needed to be rebuilt so that they would not lose precious advertising dollars on a low converting site.

No joke… the minute we launched the new conversion ready site, Centrex closed a cold PPC internet lead for over 300,000 in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) The sales guy that answered the phone asked them how they found Centrex and the client said they landed on their site through a PPC ad and “liked their site.”

It shows the power of building a conversion ready website. Just because a site looks nice, it doesn’t mean it will drive new business.

Cost Savings

MSP’s understand and sell the value of outsourcing… so they get it. We can provide what a CMO or an outbound sales team can at 20-30% of the cost of hiring those individuals in-house and on a full time basis. Why pay one marketing generalist six figures to give you some “strategy” when you can pay less than half of that for a team of specialists. We were able to deliver a steady flow of qualified inbound leads for Centrex with our team of inbound marketing specialists in less than 6 months to the tune of almost half a million dollars in ARR.

Rising To The Top

During our initial research with Centrex, we were able to determine that they had 14 competitors that were ranking higher than them in the organic search results. Their primary domain was ranking somewhere below page 5 for most of the keywords that were important to their business. Within 3 months, they were ranking at the top of the first page for keywords such as “IT Support” and other competitive terms blowing away their competition.

A Three Pronged Approach To Increasing Web Traffic

A content marketing strategy carried out and executed consistently is the key to long term online growth and the increase of passive qualified leads. This strategy is what leads to a decrease in Cost Per Lead in the long term.

We do this by focusing on the creation of three different types of content creation.

Evergreen Content

We create Evergreen Content specifically for the search engines. By writing blogs and creating content around what is called a “Long Tail Keyword,” we’re able to increase website traffic by focusing on down the funnel Long tail keywords make up about 70% of the search queries online.

Link Earning Content

We create Link-Earning Content in order to increase the amount of backlinks to that are coming into a website. The more backlinks, the higher the website will rank for their desired search terms. Examples might include infographics, original research, or guides that are valuable for others in the future.

Social/Viral Content

Creating viral content is what drives traffic and brand exposure. This content helps a company get more followers on social channels and assists in creating big spikes of traffic wherein people become subscribers and followers of that company’s content.

Improving Reputation In Their Area

One of the first things we did for CentrexIT was to drive up the online reputation of the company. This boost in online reputation helps close deals for clients that may be doing their due diligence on CentrexIT. It also helps them recruit top talent in the area as they hire new employees.

Our review funnel process streamlines and automates what is generally a tedious process of asking for reviews and following up.

Reducing Marketing And Advertising Costs

CentrexIT was paying an in-house individual to write blogs for their website. They were paying another person to manage their social media. Our management fee to them was half of what they were paying those individuals. We took over the content marketing, the social media, and began performing high value Pay-per-click advertising to begin generating immediate leads. Those leads are much more valuable when you don’t need to pay for them.

Bottom Line

Lemonade Stand has become a trusted partner to CentrexIT for two reasons:

1. We drove over $300,000 of ARR in cold lead revenue from online sources in less than 6 months.
2. We provide an insanely fast response and customer service as if we were an extension of their team.

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