Selling your product or service is a matter of telling a great story. Lemonade Stand’s video production team can help you create, tell and sell that story. There’s no better way to build a trusting relationship and engage potential customers than with video.

People want to know as much as they can about you before they pick up the phone to do business. A high-quality video can be that deciding reason why a potential customer leans toward you over one of your competitors. It can act as your number one sales person or your 24/7 support desk and trainer. It never sleeps and pays for itself almost instantly.

We’ve worked on videos for all sorts of clients with all kinds of needs. We’d love to make your next video project a success.

Video Production Highlights


Kinetix Health + Performance Center

Health and wellness is so focused on movement and energy that it made perfect sense to shoot a video while we built the Kinetix website.We highlighted their impressive facilities, got to chat with some of the staff and, most importantly, shot plenty of footage of their members having fun.


Academy of Home Based Learning

The AHBL focuses on building a strong educational foundation in students whether they learn best by sight, touch or hearing. They liked this video so much that it’s featured on the front page of the AHBL website, which we also built. Really, though, the cute kids did most of our work for us.


Pacific Park Animal Hospital

We approach all of our video projects like learning opportunities. Pacific Park does amazing work with animals, and we practically got to play “veterinarian for a day” because they showed us so many aspects of their organization. Meeting some awesome animals was a nice bonus.



We created this promotional video to show off Yalla, the project management system we created. Our video production team is always looking for opportunities to create animated spots – they’re an eye-catching way to highlight a business or product. Oh, and if you’re interested in using Yalla for your team, check it out.


Victoria Club

The Victoria Club is one of the oldest clubs in Southern California. We worked with them to show off their beautiful grounds and all the different activities members can take part in. We also produced a 3D tour of their clubhouse – just one of the many services Lemonade Stand offers.


RighTime Home Services

RighTime provides plumbing, electrical and heating service across California. We handle all of their marketing – from web design to pay-per-click advertising to everything else. This 30-second spot is currently airing in the Palm Springs area.


Mellor Law Firm

A lot of clients think their business isn’t suited for video production. But we love taking established industries like law and applying a creative twist. This video explains who Mark Mellor is to viewers, which helps encourage them to reach out for his services.


Exuro Fitness

How come all of our fitness center clients are too far away for us to drive to? Exuro has a motivated, intense team and their classes were easy to turn into good video. Like Kinetix, we also developed
the Exuro website. Come to think of it, maybe we should give that Rancho Cucamonga location a shot…



Never pass up a chance to tell a longer story. This video is less about selling SunSource to customers and more geared toward corporate partners. We broke down every facet of their business in detail, giving them a professional sales pitch accessible any time, anywhere.



HomeSports lets parents set physical, mental and spiritual goals for their kids – and reward them when they meet the goals. We jumped to work with them because it’s almost like Yalla for children. This video explains the app to new users. Cameo from our founder, Greg – he’s the guy in the video 🙂


Dan Hallisey’s Muscle Cars

We’ve done a lot of work for Artic Mechanical, an HVAC and energy management company. So when the company president wanted help promoting his muscle-car side gig…Who could say no to that?


McKell Partners

When it comes to a complex topic like financial management, a personal touch really helps. This is the first in a series of videos we shot with Mark, explaining his business and the various stages of retirement planning. Now customers come to him with a good sense of what they’re looking for – and he can get to work for them right away.


RighTime Home Services Pump-Up Video

More proof that videos aren’t always about attracting customers. Greg shot this hype video for new RighTime hires, and they love it. It’s one of the most popular videos we’ve done for RighTime. Silly videos like this are a great way to build company morale and bring your team closer together.


Nephrology Associates Medical Group

Want your audience to love you forever? Give them something valuable. NAMG wanted to help their patients eat better and improve their lives, so we filmed a mini cooking show demonstrating how to do it. This video will help patients for years to come.

Videos are often one of the first things a customer clicks on when they visit your site. Professional videos create an emotional reaction, which ties viewers to your brand better than almost any other promotion.

Lemonade Stand creates high-quality videos across all kinds of industries. We work with you to highlight your best assets and catch customers’ eyes. Contact us for a quote today.