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No magic tricks or “secret sauce” — we just get your site ranked higher on Google, the right way.

Search Engine Optimization shouldn’t be some impossible thing to understand or vague task your agency does for you every month. We’ve made our SEO services ultra transparent and focused on what matter’s most — improving your online presence.

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1. Rank Higher
2. Get More Traffic
3. Grow Your Business

SEO is a long-term process that can take time to see the results; but once those results kick in, you’re getting free, qualified clicks to your site!

SEO is the foundation of most internet marketing campaigns and many businesses have been built on it, including Lemonade Stand.

In fact, the SEO process we use for our clients is the same process we do for ourselves — it’s probably how you found us today!

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Proven Search Engine Optimization Process

While SEO can be extremely complex, the good news is that we’ve built a tested and proven process. We perform SEO monthly, helping your site to rank higher which in turn gets you more web traffic and then ultimately increases your leads or sales.

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When we perform our search engine optimization process, we focus on answering our client’s ultimate question, “Will this positively affect my business?” Because, at the end of the day, that’s what that matters, right?

Many SEO agencies try to prove their worth by giving their clients a spreadsheet of all the useless keywords they rank for. Others opt for quick results, outsourced to international bot farms, with black-hat techniques that will hurt clients’ long-term online presence. Not Lemonade Stand.

Our Search Engine Optimization specialists, all based in the United States, devise the best way to build an online presence and add worth to your website in ways that boost your rankings and improve user experience.

We then track and analyze your campaign’s performance and provide monthly and even real-time reporting to help you measure your rankings, site performance, and more.

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