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One of California’s fastest growing home services companies

See how we helped a local home services company dominate their region, ultimately leading them to being acquired by one of the nation’s largest home services brands.


Lemonade Stand’s comprehensive online marketing campaign enables RighTime Home Services to dominate the Southern California region, increase their call volume, and drive down the cost per lead.

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What RighTime Says

“Hands down the VERY BEST internet marketing service specialists out there! I have worked hand in hand with Lemonade Stand for our organization, RighTime Home Services, for over a year now and let me just say, we have been more than pleased with the level of results they have achieved for us! We have tried other companies but none have compared to the level of service we have received.

Lemonade Stand has increased our traffic multiple times over, moved our SEM & SEO campaigns in top spots, and even produced graphics and videos promoting our services. These guys are so great we don’t consider them a vendor anymore but an extension of our company. They treat our business as if it’s their very own and because of their high level of urgency and attention to detail we recommend them to everyone! When doing business with Lemonade Stand you cant lose!”

-Melissa Cisneros
RighTime Home Services

The Bottom Line

Lemonade Stand’s digital marketing strategy took a brand in pieces with high costs and no transparency and created a consistent message that helped RighTime grow into one of the nation’s largest regional home services brands. The growth ultimately contributed to RighTime being acquired by the nationally-reconized brand, ARS / Rescue Rooter.


60% Increase


58% Increase

Online Forms

109% Increase

Cost Per Lead

70% Decrease


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