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Our team has developed a proven marketing strategy for driving new customers to self storage facilities throughout the U.S. Learn more about how we do it below. 

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Is Your Self Storage Facility Getting Results Like These?

Below is a past example of the impact our marketing can have on the growth of your web presence. 

Chris Lendzion

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Hey… I’m Chris.

I’m a Marketing Specialist here at Lemonade Stand.

Just a few years ago we had a local 2-location self storage business here in Utah reach out to us in need of growing their business. At the time, we didn’t have any experience with marketing for self storage. However, after running successful internet marketing campaigns for all types of businesses throughout the United States over the last 10 years, we were confident in our ability to meet the needs of their business.

So we got to work…

The Marketing Strategy

Because this self storage business wanted both short term and long term results, we developed a digital marketing strategy that included a combination of Paid Search Marketing for immediate results, as well as SEO, content marketing, and backlink outreach for long term and sustainable gains in organic search results.

The Results

Here are the results we have been able to achieve:

Paid Search Marketing

  • Average Conversion Rate: 15%
  • Average Cost Per Lead: $33

Note: This data only includes tracked online form submissions and calls and does not include walk-in traffic which is difficult for us to measure. Therefore, you can expect the true cost per lead to be much lower. Your results may vary based on local factors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With our local SEO, content marketing, and backlink generation, we’ve been able to achieve the following results across 2 self storage locations on Google search results:

  • Keyword Rankings in the Top 3 Spots of Search Results: 19
  • Increase in All-Time Ranking Positions: +2,200 spots

The graphic below shows the growth in organic search traffic and referring domains since we started this strategy in April 2021. 

How we can help…

Give us a call or fill out this form if you’d like to know more about the self storage marketing program we’ve developed specifically for a company like yours.

For less than you’d pay for a yellow pages ad, or directory listing, or a part-time staffer that knows nothing about marketing self storage, we can begin generating passive leads and improving your online presence for long-term dividends.

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What is Self Storage Marketing?

Self storage marketing is a form of marketing that is implemented by using a blended strategy of internet marketing techniques to increase the online visibility of local self storage facilities on search engines, increasing the likelihood of generating new business.

Yes. This is one of our pet peeves. Our founder, Greg Trimble wrote a piece on this for Forbes. Canned content will end up hurting your online presence. Google hates it and they will take it out on your search rankings. Everything we write for you is authentic and custom for your self storage business.

We don’t do contracts unless a client asks us for one. We don’t like contracts ourselves because we’ve seen one too many marketing companies put up a good front, give a nice sales pitch, put a client in a contract, work really hard and be really responsive for the first month, and then disappear for the next 11 months only to turn up again right when it’s time to sign a new contract.

We like to work hard for our clients every single month and earn their business month in and month out.

We also don’t ever want a client to have to stay with us if they don’t want to be with us or if unforeseen financial circumstances arise. We do suggest that our clients give us 12 months before truly measuring the performance and ROI of our campaigns because marketing is most effective when given enough time to improve the campaigns over time.

We keep the clients we work with confidential unless they have given us express permission to give out their contact information. We will do the same for you so that you aren’t bombarded with unsolicited requests and phone calls from other storage businesses trying to figure out your secret sauce.

We do however have lots of public reviews from other businesses that have been kind enough to give us a review online. 

We are able to work within almost any budget because we offer our services al-a-carte or in a package. Most of our clients will choose from one of three packages. We usually start by getting on a short exploratory phone call and then follow up with a proposal based on what we learn from you about your self storage business.

Yes. Absolutely. On our first phone call, we have the option of either just talking things through with you and providing you with a proposal or if you have the time and desire, we can jump on a Zoom conference and show you our platform in real time. We will take you through the following:

  • Self Storage Marketing Strategy Guidelines: A breakdown of what we do month-to-month to generate new customers for self storage businesses like yours.
  • Self Storage Marketing Dashboard: A demo of our Measure Dashboard which tracks inbound leads, the custom content we’re writing, backlinks we’re generating, social ads we’re running, etc. You also get real-time access to analytics like traffic, inbound calls, social, ad campaigns, rankings, and more.
  • Website Design Samples and Process

We started as an informations systems company in 2009, grew it so fast through internet marketing techniques, and sold it 3 years later in 2012 to start Lemonade Stand to help other people grow their businesses. We’ve been doing internet marketing for over 10 years.

People love working here. You can read about our culture and see for yourself. We are a very family oriented organization with a major focus on living our core values and providing the highest level of service for our clients. Our SLA’s include a live English speaking person picking up the phone in 2 rings or less and a 10 minute or less response time for any tickets that are sent to our marketing help desk.

We can give you some tips here and there and we can also setup your lead management system to give you the best possible shot at setting an appointment and closing a deal, but we generally do not do dedicated consulting. After years of dealing with sales “gurus” and watching our clients spend thousands of dollars on them while getting nothing in return, we have dedicated all of our efforts to marketing execution.

We want you to get something in return for the money you spend, not just some good advice. We understand the value of consulting, but if it’s between spending $10,000 dollars for some advice that doesn’t bring you any leads, and $10,000 on Google Ads, SEO, and Content… we choose the lead generation all day long. Can you tell we’re not too keen on marketing “gurus” who know how to talk the talk but not walk the walk?????

Yes. We can provide you with enterprise marketing automation tools at a fraction of what you might pay for Hubspot and other tools.

We generally set a meeting schedule based on your preferences. In the beginning during our on-boarding phase, you will be hearing a lot from us. Once we’ve completed our on-boarding phase, we will be in the background working hard to get you leads and that can be pretty hands off on your part if you want it to be.

We do suggest at least a monthly meeting so that we can keep you in the loop on the progress we’re making. Other than that, we’re always just a phone call or email away from you with our quick response SLA’s.

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