Run Networks Case Study:

How a Collaborative Partnership Increases ROI

“[Lemonade Stand] feels like an internal department of our business. When we ask for something to get done, it gets done.”

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Run Networks is the only managed IT service provider endorsed by the Nebraska State Bar Association—but they were having problems generating leads from their website. They had tried working with multiple local marketing companies but had problems generating results. These agencies just didn’t have the technical aptitude and industry knowledge they were looking for—even after laying out the framework for educational articles, their marketing partners were still publishing questionable content that didn’t resonate with potential clients. Run Networks needed a partnership with Lemonade Stand to fill the gaps: intelligent, applicable content and a conversion-ready website.

Run Networks Needed Services to Drive Up ROI

Run Networks was apprehensive about working with another marketing agency—they didn’t want history to keep repeating itself. But they needed organic content and SEO services that would be profitable in the long run, so they were willing to give it one more shot.
Ben Anderson, Run Networks’ Business Development Manager, expressed his past concerns in a recent interview: “When we had worked with other companies before, the expense never turned into anything that made us money. As a for-profit business, that’s a challenge.”
We were determined to prove that outsourcing marketing services can be a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship.

We Proved Our Marketing Services are Different

To design Run Networks’ website, we dove deep into their business goals with a discovery call to catch every detail and pain point. We listened, learned, and sprinted to create a site that broke all their expectations.

Then, we seamlessly transitioned to a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that directed organic traffic to their new site:

  • On-Page SEO: We optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and content with relevant keywords for better search engine visibility.
  • Relevant Content Marketing: We created valuable and educational blogs that appealed to Run Networks’ target audience, establishing them as thought leaders in their industry.
  • Valuable Backlinks: We obtained high-quality backlinks from reputable sources to increase Run Networks’ website authority and credibility.

Take A Look At Our Work for Run Networks

Modern, Sleek Website Design

We worked with Run Networks to design a website that not only looked professional but also drove conversions.

Technical Blog Content

We took a previous blog framework that other companies failed to execute and turned it into valuable, resonating content.

Take a look at the blog What Is Session Hijacking.

#1 Google Ranking Results

Our real, professional content writers don’t just write well—they write fully optimized pieces that net results.
The blog Cyber Security Is Different Than IT Support is currently ranking 1st on Google for the search query “it support vs cyber security.”

Exponentially Increasing SEO Trends

Since December of 2022, Lemonade Stand’s SEO services have helped Run Networks grow their keyword rankings by 1729 spots—a 100% improvement.

How Does Lemonade Stand Perform So Well?

We continuously monitor, adjust, and adapt our strategies to align with the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. But, more importantly, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their business goals and target audience.

“What really stood out was the follow-up and the diligence in follow-up. The fact that Lemonade Stand was able to respond—and punctually respond—while keeping us on track, and do what they came here to do really stood out,” continued Anderson in our recent interview.

We don’t just focus on delivering results (although we deliver great results). We prioritize communication and transparency in our partnership with Run Networks. This has led to a trusting, effective relationship where both parties benefit.

The Secret to a Successful Partnership

Lemonade Stand isn’t just your average outsourced marketing agency—we’re an extension of the team. Anderson expresses how our agency puts the important things first: “[Lemonade Stand] feels like an internal department of our business. When we ask for something to get done, it gets done.”

We value open communication, collaboration, and a strong understanding of our clients’ industries. If you’re tired of marketing efforts that just don’t cut it, it’s time to team up with Lemonade Stand!

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