Valley Collision – An Auto Body Shop Marketing Case Study

Helping grow one of Utah’s fastest growing collision repair centers in an ultra-competitive market.

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Valley Collision is currently one of Utah’s fastest growing collision repair shop chains. But before working with the Lemonade Stand team, they were struggling to keep their shops busy. When they first came to us, they were generating all of their leads through their WIX website and by word of mouth. They had aspirations to increase the amount of in-bound leads so they could keep their shops busy and eventually open more shops throughout Utah. 

This is the short story about how we were able to do that with the following services:

We Needed A Site That Converts

The WIX website they had wasn’t terrible, but at the time it wasn’t doing a great job of converting the traffic that they were getting. That’s why we built the site from the ground up on our WordPress platform. 

With this new build, we focused primarily on user experience and built a site that loaded fast, was easy for the customer to understand, and was optimized to maximize the amount of estimate requests. 

With our website design, we have been able to achieve:


A Three Pronged Approach To Increasing Web Traffic

A content marketing strategy carried out and executed consistently is the key to long term online growth and the increase of passive qualified leads. This strategy is what leads to a decrease in Cost Per Lead in the long term.

We do this by focusing on the creation of three different types of content creation.

Evergreen Content

We create Evergreen Content specifically for the search engines. By writing blogs and creating content around what is called a “Long Tail Keyword,” we’re able to increase website traffic by focusing on down the funnel Long tail keywords make up about 70% of the search queries online.

Also, Search Engines will began to see you as an authoritative source on the subject of collision repair and are more likely to recommend you for any searches on the subject.

Backlink Outreach

We create content and work with our pre-approved network of third-party websites to publish this content and get more links to your website. These links back to your site are known as backlinks. Google and other search engines see backlinks as a “vote” for your site. The more backlinks your site has, the higher your website will rank for your desired search terms. 

Paid Search Advertising

We create relevant and engaging Google Ads that get new customers to click. Once they click, we make it super easy for them to understand the benefits of what they’re getting, build trust, and to get what they need done quickly. 

By maximizing the efficiency of this process, we’re able to increase the amount of leads and beat out competing auto body shops. 


Bottom Line

Lemonade Stand has become a trusted partner to Valley Collision for two reasons:

1. We’ve driven over 2000 qualified leads since July of 2020
2. We provide an insanely fast response and customer service as if we were an extension of their team.

Note: This data only includes tracked online form submissions and calls and does not include walk-in traffic which is difficult for us to measure. Therefore, you can expect the true cost per lead to be much lower. Your results may vary based on local factors.

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