A Deep Dive into Lemonade Stand’s Core Values

At Lemonade Stand, we talk a lot about what culture means to us, and we do a lot to keep building out the incredible culture that we have. We care about our team members and have tried to build out a company culture that focuses on how much we care about them. We believe that this translates to how much our team cares about our clients and each other. 

As part of that culture, we have eleven core values. These core values mean a lot to us. They define who we are and who we are trying to become. They guide us in our actions, and they are the way that we will be able to achieve the goals that we have for ourselves and for our company. 

Our Core Values

You can learn a little bit more about the core values that we have established for our team by checking out our company website here. You can read about what those values are, what they mean to us, and why they are important to us. If you’re thinking about working with us, this is a great place to start, so you can get a feel for what kind of people you’ll be working alongside of. 

So what are our core values?

I’ll list them out here. Like I said, you can check out our website if you want more detail on each one!

1. Smile.

Everybody needs more smiles in their life. We like to think that not all business transactions need to be mundane and just getting down to business. We like to make people smile. Heck, even our accounting team does what it can to make our clients happy when they have to talk about the boring stuff like invoices…

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2. Listen… Really… Listen.

Listening to the people around you is a really cool way to actually be able to understand what other people need and want. It helps when you’re, ya know, trying to run a business to fulfill those needs and wants of people…

3. Serve Others First.

We believe in putting other people before ourselves. We have a saying around here that goes a little something like this, “One of life’s greatest mysteries is that the degree to which we think about ourselves, the unhappier we are, and the degree to which we think about others, the happier we are.” Serving others first will always make you a happier person.

We also feel that you should put other people before you simply because it is the right thing to do; however, the saying is definitely true that “what goes around comes back around.” When you take care of other people, they are generally more than happy to turn that right back around and take care of you and your people. It’s incredible how people open up when they know that their interests matter to you.

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4. Be Honest.

Be honest in every aspect of the word. Be honest with clients. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with other team members. Let honesty guide all of your interactions and decisions. I won’t promise you that if you’re honest you’ll never fail… You’ll definitely have to live up to your failures; however, when you’re honest about them, you get to learn from them and become better. It’s pretty neat. 

5. Do What You Say, Say What You Mean.

Setting expectations is KEY! If you tell someone that you’re going to be able to do something, you better darn well do it! If you don’t, you’ll be met with a lot of disappointed people who thought they were getting something other than what was actually delivered. When you set proper expectations, people always know what they’re going to get. You can certainly go above and beyond (nothing wrong with WOWing people every now and again), but never do less than what you say you’ll do.

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6. Be Humble.

If you’re hoping to be a great leader someday or to be truly, truly successful in life, then humility is going to be your key to getting there. We believe that being humble is what makes people great. It’s the only way to really learn and grow, and we love people who are hungry to learn and grow.

7. Stay Excited and Upbeat.

We’re all about positivity! As you can see, our first core value is simply to smile. This one takes that a step further and says, “Don’t just smile.. Be pumped while you’re smiling and make sure that everyone else around is just as pumped!!”

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8. Always Keep Learning.

There is always something new to learn! Whether that be about our craft (digital marketing), business, customer service, team member engagement, culture, blessing the people around us, or just life in general, we want to learn it, we want our team to learn it, and we only want to add people to our team who also want to learn it. We encourage learning, always.

9. Pay Attention to Detail.

We don’t believe in letting the small stuff slip through the cracks. In all senses, we strive to pay attention to the details of things. It’s always those small things that end up making the biggest difference in the end, so we try to pay attention to them from the beginning. 

10. Get Followed.

We want our people to put themselves out there. If you have a large following of people, then that just means that you have a larger reach and audience of people to bless with your life experiences and lessons that you have learned. We encourage our team to share things with people. 

11. See the Big Picture.

This might be the most important value of all. Whenever there is a decision to be made, we strive to see the big picture and think about how that decision is going to impact everything else. Although this can take a lot of restraint and practice, we’ve found that having this type of vision helps us avoid burning out important relationships over petty disagreements or small things like invoice discrepancies. Sometimes you have to just let little things go for the sake of the big picture. It helps us to stay humble and helps us to grow in the long run.

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Lemonade Stand

Those are the core values that guide us and our team at Lemonade Stand. They are pivotal to our success, and we truly stand behind each and every one of them and do everything in our power to make sure that they are important to our entire team!

If you’re ever in need of digital marketing or website services, and our team seems like a good fit to you, please reach out to us here, and we’d be more than happy to sit down and chat with you to see how we could best help you out!

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